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ya Allah, you’re bigger than my sorrows and problems so please give me the strength to handle and overcome them with a beautiful patience

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We need Allah more than we can imagine.

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جان‎/jan/jān/jaan [jaan]


(noun) Jan/jaan is one of those specials words which lends itself across cultures and languages as a term of endearment and affection meaning, love, dear, heart, and life in East Asia. Arab/Persian: In Arabic, jan represents beloved one or dear. The Persian origins of this word mean life, equivalent to the Punjabi and Hindi definition. Calling a person your jaan, in comparison to the Arab and Persian culture, in South East Asian countries is an act of true love and intimiacy, and not used as liberally as the Persian connotation. Its true origins stem from Sanskrit. In Urdu you often refer to your lover and those your are close to as “meri jaan [meh-ree jaan],” also meaning my life, and my dear. It has a deeper emotional meaning than merely calling someone your love, or sweetheart; it is used in the essence of true love. (via wordsnquotes)

In Kurdish, *gian*, a variation on the Persian *jaan*, just as in Urdu, means my life and my dear but is used as liberally as it is in Persian. Though it’s not used as intimately as in Urdu, it still connotes deep affection.

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Color Report ‘87: Hot Shots
ph. Irving Penn / Makeup by Kevyn Aucoin for US Vogue, October 1987 

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