Whoever has offended you and then approached you to apologize, humility obligates that you accept his apology whether it is truthful or not, and that you leave his secret thoughts to Allah. The sign of generosity and humility is that if you notice a defect in his apology, you do not address it nor hold him against it.

—  Ibn al-Qayyim, Madaarij as-Salikeen (Ranks of the Wayfarers), 2/338. (via brotherhoodinislam)


When you do any good deed always be thankful that Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala guided you

—  Alhamdulillah (via islamicrays)

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I prayed to God, and asked him sincerely for someone to fall in love with me. Then I heard a voice, so powerful and yet so beautiful, “So long as you remember me, you will always be loved.

—  Seja Majeed (via chador-lover)

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You will be with who you love.

—  Prophet Muhammed (via hadeiadel)

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Dua is the Quran’s remedy for depression.

—  Nouman Ali Khan (via inn-allaha-yuhubul-tawabeen)

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Sometimes when I raise my palms
to ask my Lord for forgiveness,
I see marks of dirt from all my sins.

Sometimes I feel like burying them
deep into the earth for I ashamed
to show myself and Him the reality.

But lately I have been thinking:
I cannot conceal my hands from Him,
hiding them will stain them more.

So when I raise my palms the next time
I have to ask my Lord, Al-Tawwab,
The Acceptor of Repentance
to purify and cleanse them again.

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Iblis was the first False Salafi, a literalist whose obsessive misunderstanding of monotheism and of the avoidance of idolatry took him far from spiritual wisdom. |
When the angels bowed down to Adam,
he said to the one who saw the outward alone:
‘Fool! Do you think that I am nothing but a small body?’
Do not gaze upon Adam’s water and clay, like Iblis.
Behold a hundred thousand rosegardens behind that clay!
With both eyes, see the beginning and the end.
Beware of being one-eyed, like Iblis the accursed. (Rumi)

—  Eleventh Contentions (commentary)  (via qaswaa)

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